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From: prvalko (
Date: Sun Sep 11 1994 - 10:19:14 EDT

On Sat, 10 Sep 1994, Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG wrote:

> I will use a Corsair II (it is coming :-) too.
> I have a Kenwood TS 440 as a backup rig, soon on the selling block.

Heheheheh! I sold my TS-440sat a couple years back and kept the then 8
year old Corsair 1 because it was a better "radio" (the TS-440 was a MUCH
better toy loaded with bells and whistles, though!). That action drove the
local Kenwood Freaks NUTS!

> By the way, I have found a most BEAUTIFUL microphone, the EV
> 638, and it is just heart warming for me. I hear my audio is really
> wonderful with it (on the Corsair) and I often cruise 40 meters
> SSB late in the evening (after 0600Z) if anyone is around to talk.

Hmmm... I've never really been happy with any of the microphones I've run
across for the Corsair. Right now I have a real old Yaesu microphone on
it. I bought a HEIL element to slip into a D-104 but the impedance was
6K and the Ten Tec wants >30K or so (high impedance) and I've never been
able to find a suitable transformer, not that I've LOOKED too hard :-)

Did you find the EV 638 at a swap or buy one new?

73 =paul= wb8zjl

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