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From: Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG (turner@safety.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Sun Sep 11 1994 - 05:10:58 EDT

Well, I am not quite the fanatic some others seem to be :-) ,
(Though I have bought and sold three 509 Argos in the past two
years ...), but here is my list FYI:

NorCal 40 (main portable rig) with Kenwood AT 130 tuner.
Spider for 40, crystalled up for 7040 and 7110.
* I use a CMOS Super Keyer II and bencher paddles (from the
notorious supplier here in California!), and a J-38 key.
* I use a simple 100 foot dipole up 35' fed with tv twin lead into a
4:1 balun with 2 feet of coax through my aluminum window frame into
my MFJ 986 tuner.

I mostly use a Corsair I at QRP levels on 40 SSB and CW.
I will use a Corsair II (it is coming :-) too.
I have a Kenwood TS 440 as a backup rig, soon on the selling block.

By the way, I have found a most BEAUTIFUL microphone, the EV 638,
and it is just heart warming for me. I hear my audio is really
wonderful with it (on the Corsair) and I often cruise 40 meters
SSB late in the evening (after 0600Z) if anyone is around to talk.



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