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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sun Sep 11 1994 - 00:23:51 EDT

I hereby eat crow in public. Yes, everyone who told me that the
archives really ARE in ASCII are quite right, despite all the comments
I sent back to them. I chalk it up to unfamiliarity with the Internet
access at work (different from here at home), unfamiliarity with
ProComm (terminal software) and downloading things from the Internet
host at work. I was using a particular set of functions that
downloaded the data more or less intact but diddled a bit with the end
of line markers or some such in the text, making Word Perfect 6.0 think
it was in Word Perfect 4.2 format instead of standard ASCII. I did a
few tests and found the correct set of functions/options to use to
download the archives from my Internet host to my computer at work and
come out as real, true ASCII that wouldn't confuse the word processor.
And a couple hints for anyone who is thinking of FTP'ing the archives
from in the future: FTP to, log in as anonymous
user (enter the word "anonymous" as your log-on, then for the password
enter your Internet address); change directory to the archives:
cd pub/radio/ham/qrp/archives
and then use ls or dir to list the directory. Next, very important,
issue the command "binary". If you fail to do this (and I forget
sometimes), the files will never be readable. They are stored in
compressed format (indicated by the .Z extension on the file name), and
when you download them to your local host you have to uncompress them.
If not transferred from in binary, they will garbarge
forever. After the file is on your host, uncompress it. My host at
work is under Unix, so I simply issue the command "uncompress" and a few seconds it's done--the file now appears without
the .Z extension and is in plain ASCII, waiting for you to download
from the host to you. (It took me a while to get this straight, and
thanks to all those who sent me tips on doing it.)
73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @
The WB3FFV Amateur Radio BBS - Located in Baltimore, Maryland USA
Supporting the Amateur Radio Hobby, and TCP/IP InterNetworking

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