Re: Simple rigs


Date: Thu Sep 01 1994 - 11:25:51 EDT

>I was thinking about this concept of a simple rig. I have talked recently
>to 2 young hams who are in high school on 2 meters. They both passed
>their code tests for Novice and one passed the code test for General. The
>limiting factor here is the cost of a HF rig. Even the cost of a used rig
>like my Atlas 210X that I bought for $150 is beyond their means. They
>were very interested when I said that with low power rigs they could work
>the world. I also told them they could build the rigs fairly cheaply. So
>should we design a simple rig that a high school student could build
>cheaply? How about a simple transceiver that puts out 1 watt and then a
>power amp that puts out 5 watts or a small linear that pumps out 20+
>watts that they could hook up to it? Just some more to chew on...

I'm extremely interested in getting new young hams into hf ... think it's the
only way to keep the hobby from becoming cb with repeaters (NOT intended to
initiate a pro/con cw flame war!).

But I'm worried about starting them OUT in qrp. Certainly some youngsters would
find our part of the hobby fascinating from the beginning, but I'm afraid many
would just find the relative difficulty of making and sustaining contacts
frustrating, and would lose interest. For that reason, when I meet youngsters
in the hobby I always show them my qrp gear, but I also show them a qro
station, and recommend that they start out with second-hand gear that runs
around 100 watts. $300 spent wisely through will kit you out


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