doing time at the bench


Date: Thu Sep 01 1994 - 03:54:38 EDT

Pardon my bumbling ignorance of the originator of the idea
that I'm bouncing off of, but one of the drops in my mail
bucket mentioned that homebrewing cuts into operationg time.
Hey, I'm a fine example of that. I've been more or less off
the air for the past five years, and I think that I spent
a few moments of each of those past five trying to home brew
a 40m radio. We're not talking genius level here, either.

It was only through the help of Jim Townsend (and the fact
that I gave him money for a kit) that I got the dang-nab
radio fix and up and running. The NN1G kit is another example.
I still don't have it straight, aand it's likely that I'll
spend another 7 years trying to get it running to my satisfaction.
Who said kits weren't homebrew? Not around this bat roost!

It sure makes an interesting break from Bakhtin and Vygotsky,
though. Maybe even Julio Cortazar... Naw, not him. But at
least Foucault and Derrida. Yeah, Derrida it definitely beats.
But then, he's just a symbol on the page, like the words that
appear at the bottom of the schematic.... Parts may not be
available in some countries. Hmmm.... Sounds like my kind of
kit. Where's the checkbook?


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