Simple rigs


From: Jeff Jones (
Date: Thu Sep 01 1994 - 02:55:07 EDT

I was thinking about this concept of a simple rig. I have talked recently
to 2 young hams who are in high school on 2 meters. They both passed
their code tests for Novice and one passed the code test for General. The
limiting factor here is the cost of a HF rig. Even the cost of a used rig
like my Atlas 210X that I bought for $150 is beyond their means. They
were very interested when I said that with low power rigs they could work
the world. I also told them they could build the rigs fairly cheaply. So
should we design a simple rig that a high school student could build
cheaply? How about a simple transceiver that puts out 1 watt and then a
power amp that puts out 5 watts or a small linear that pumps out 20+
watts that they could hook up to it? Just some more to chew on...


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