Friedrichshafen Report


From: George Dobbs G3RJV (
Date: Mon Jul 04 1994 - 19:49:39 EDT

Just returned from the Friedrichsafen Hamvention in south Germany where we
ran a G QRP Club booth. A few comments:

Place: Friedrichshafen is situated on Lake Constance on German border
close to Austria and Switzerland. There are fine views of snowcapped Alps
across the lake. Good weather for this annual event - about 85-90 degrees
with evening storms - very dramatic with thunder echoing along the alpine
mountains. The event is annual (last weekend in June) and said to be the
largest ham event in Europe.

Scope of Event:
Four large exhibition halls with large covered flea market. The items on
sale are two-thirds radio - one third computer (almost all IBM format).
Flea market was very good with a lot of real Russian and eastern European
military suplus items - but these might dry up in a year or two - but still
plenty of it at good prices.
Several Russians made the journal with trailers of surplus items for the
flea market and although their prices were low, they do very well out of
the deal. It seems that the plan is often to empty the trailer a take a
wrecked car back on it.
I bought quite a few morse keys (some I have never seem before)
with a view to selling them at Dayton next year.
There are no forums but some companies run teaching sessions - but these
are usually in German, although English seems to work in most places at the
event..... thank goodness !

I don't know the numbers but not as big as Dayton - but very full. Many
people camp in the outer carparks which contained tents and RVs from every
part of Europe. We towed our caravan there - but not again ! - it was
1,010 miles from my front door to the site... a lot of it up hill! I found
out when I got there that guest houses within range of the site only charge
about 25 dollars a night. It is also linked by a good rail service to
other parts of Germany. Next time I will just take the car.

The event is good and the social life around the site excellent.
Example : I wanted to show some people the QRP PLUS in use. So we
operated it in a Lithuanian tent, using a 20m dipole supported from a
ex-army Russian mast. Operators included a Croatian, a Slovak, a German
and myself, refreshed by cold beer from a Turkish CB group who had a
freezer van on site and finished off by brandy supplied by a Russian !
Oh . . . we were quite impressed by the QRP PLUS in action from the site.

Almost 200 G QRP Club members came to visit the booth with prefixes from
almost every EU country and we received strict orders to return next year.
We shared our booth with the OK QRP Club, represented by Petr, OK1CZ.

A good event - worth visiting. Only real setback was when I lost my clutch
driving back through Belgium. It took 2 days to get fixed and cost me 700
dollars !

Excuse any errors - typed very quickly - I also came back to a mountain of
G QRP Club mail - not to mention 270 items on THIS email group !
.....and also to an NN1G 40-40 Kit - thanks Dave - lost your email
address again, but a letter in the snail mail for you.

George Dobbs G3RJV                  "It is vain to do with more,
G-QRP Club                           what can be done with less."
---------------------------------------------- William of Occam (1290-1350)

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