Lucking out at the surplus store


Date: Mon Jul 04 1994 - 15:06:17 EDT

I happened to be rooting through the back room at RP Electronics
in Vancouver Saturday, and happened across some wonderful

They had a box of bags of parts (OEM quantities), most of which
were things I couldn't use in such quantities, like 10 uF
electrolytics. No .1 or .01 uF bypass capacitors. What I *did*
find, though, was a box full of zener and other diodes, 7808
voltage regulators, IF can transformers (yellow, green and white
cores), miscellaneous TO-92 transistors, and what may be some
varactor diodes. Another box was full of crystals - about a dozen
each of 2.16MHz, 2.25MHz, and a handful of other values. I also
found a bag of *two hundred* 3.6864MHz crystals. Thirteen bucks
for the whole works.

Needless to say, I dug out all my W7ZOI references on crystal
filter construction that night...time to warm up the frequency

BTW - a question for our U.K. friends - are there any events
happening in the U.K. the first week of September that a visiting
ham would want to know about? I'll be based in the south east,
but wouldn't mind an excuse to travel.

73 from Burnaby,
laura VE7LDH who needs to get her paperwork to SSL *fast*

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