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From: stark (
Date: Sat Jun 25 1994 - 00:36:18 EDT

On 24 Jun 1994, Bob Scott wrote:

> Contest QSLs
> Is it considered bad taste to QSL contest contacts? Has QSLing
> gone out of style. During the last big QRP contest, I only made
> around 20 contacts. I dutifully QSL'd them all and received only
> 4-5 back. I was kind of surprised at the low return rate,
> especially from the two folks I worked that were in the states
> of Washington and Oregon; which I was quite proud of due to the
> power levels and the awful band conditions. Anyone, could
> someone explain the current rules/guidelines/practices?
> Thanks. Bob AC4QO
Hi Bob,

Just a quick observation from things I've seen.

Up in Idaho I had some good antennas and would run a long string
of JA's in the AM on 40m during most contests. After a good WPX
test with some good condtions it was not unusual to get 150 JA
cards alone.

Being in Idaho and having a "good" prefex was worth a few Db I think!

Add another 50 to 100 cards from other places and the costs begin to
mount. I would answer all cards via the buro unless they had an

Whenever I want a card from a station, I ALWAYS include an sase.

With the setup I now have and no more than I get on, QSLing is
no longer a chore. Nor is it expensive.

If you ask for a card during a ragchew and the other station
agrees to send one, then you should be able to count on it
getting to you. If they ask for an sase and you want the card,
send them one.

And always remember that if someone asks you for a card and
you really don't want to be bothered sending one, just say
so. Don't be one of those who says ok and then you never hear
from them!

Just realize that after a contest a station may get lots of
cards and a sase is good.

All this is just my opinion. Worth at least 2 cents to me.....

73's and have fun, Ron

.................Monte "Ron" Stark..................
.................Sun Valley, Nevada.................

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