Re: talk/ytalk (was wired radio)


From: Kevin Anderson (
Date: Thu Jun 23 1994 - 12:12:30 EDT

> *** P R O P O S A L ***
> With all the the talk about wired "wired radio" why don't we all just
> agree to go to a specific channel on the IRC???
> Call it QRP or CQ or whatever...
> I personally would rarely get on it because our local club supports that
> internet world-wide conversation bridge on our packet BBS... and after
> you use it once or twice, it's really kinda boring.
> 73 =paul= wb8zjl

For those of us on Unix boxes, we could always try using
talk or ytalk (some sites, such as mine, have added ytalk, a
more-than-two version of talk). Finger the person first
to see if they are logged in, then try talk their-address.
I'm not always logged in my unix computer, but if I am, I'm for any who care. To use ytalk,
just ytalk address address address....

IRC I understand is a bandwidth waster of inet. Some of my
students have used it, but I haven't yet, and we basically
discourage it for users of our unix box.

73 de kevin, kb9iua

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