Date: Tue Jun 21 1994 - 11:42:46 EDT

A few years ago, I obtained an APS 4-6 "sealed recombination battery" (which
I take to be a gel cell). I have two 6v 4ah @ c20 (don't know what @ C20
means) cells in series for 12v. The batteries are marked cycle charging
2.4-2.45 vpc and float charging 2.25-2.30 vpc.

I recently ordered and received the ALL ELECTRONICS gel cell charger and
charged these up. They quickly charged to about 12.7 volts but then
under the tremendous strain of my NORCAL-40 quickly dropppped to approximately
10v or less on transmit (the NORCAL is rated at 200 ma on transmit). I left
them under low load overnight (NORCAL receive is 13.8 ma on my unit) and by
morning they were down to 9.4 v under no load.

Previously, I had been under the impression (mistaken?) that gel cells could be
'floated' across a standard regulated DC supply (13.8v)... and had done so
for some time.

Are my cells injured? Do they need to be rejuvinated in some way or just
tossed? Right now, they seem incapapble of holding a charge. They have
never been used under heavy load.

Geoff WA1U

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