R1/R2/T2 Update


From: N8ET@delphi.com
Date: Sun Jun 19 1994 - 23:02:04 EDT

I had a bit of a setback this weekend - Came home Friday evening in a
thunderstorm, and found that a nearby bolt of lightning had taken out
everything on one outlet stip in the shack - The list included two
computers, a couple of two meter radios and two power supplies. So instaed
of working on the kits, I spent the weekend assessing damage. Some of the
stuff got replaced at a hamfest on Sunday, but I have now found I need still
more replacement parts to get the work computer going again. The insurance
co. will get a call at 9AM Monday, and hopefully they will tell me to go
ahead and replace everything....
    On the bright side - I did get the parts ordered so I can build up the
R2 and T2. Rick told me he shipped some PC boards, so I should have boards
for the T2, R2, and miniR2 this week. There will be no R1 boards for about 6
    Assuming the insurance co lets me replace tmrw, I will have some
pricing and a "pre-stock" order announcement out late this week. I will also
get descriptions out in the next day or so for those of you who are
wondering what the R1/R2/T2/miniR2 is all about....
    So far - about 50 responses from the note on the list last Sunday.

72/73 - Bill - N8ET

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