Simple, small paddles?


From: Tom Kerns (
Date: Sun Jun 19 1994 - 14:45:04 EDT

Folx -

        I've mounted a straight key on the side of my MFJ 9020, in the
interests of having everything in one package. But I don't really like
straight keys, and would prefer a paddle mounted right on the case of my
9020, maybe on the side somehow.

        Does anyone know of any simple paddles, either pre-made, in kit
form, or just made from scratch, that I could use for that purpose? It
wouldn't need to have the keyer in it, since I can get that from MFJ and
plug it in the back. I really like the idea of having the paddle
attached right on the box, because they the box itself could provide the
stability for the paddle, and I wouldn't need a paddle with a heavy base
(I'm trying to conserve weight as well as space).

        Has anyone tried such a thing? You'd want the paddles to be
small, and maybe even easily dissembled, so you could pack the paddle
parts separately, to avoid them being damaged in transport.

- Tom AA7ZG

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