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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sat Jun 18 1994 - 17:49:09 EDT

From a recent e-mail-- "Is CW Crystals still in business??? I tried
to track them down a year or so ago using an address I had from a
previous order, and also tried Directory Assistance to get a phone
number. No luck via either route -- mail was returned, and the fone
company had no record of them. Do you have a current address or
number for them?"
In a recent message I said something about them having an ad in QST
every month. Looks like they've scaled back the advertising budget
quite a bit--I checked the April, May and June 1994 issues, and each
had just a couple lines referring you to their bigger ad on page 218
of the January issue. In that issue it's the second classified ad on
the page and gives some prices--and they aren't too bad, especially
if you order in quantity.
It only gives the address as W0LPS, C-W Crystals, Marshfield, MO
65706. I checked my 1993 callbook--it's Robert Woods, 570 N. Buffalo
Street, which sounds familiar (I ordered from him several years ago).
The ad also says to send 4 stamps or a dollar (hint--the latter is
the better deal) for "listings-circuit package"--a brochure, in other
words. Give this address a try if interested. 73 de WA8MCQ

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