Re: Observations, torroids in commercial rigs


From: David Taylor (
Date: Tue Jun 14 1994 - 20:55:54 EDT

Hello Folks,

I've followed this list for a few weeks now. As one who is more interested
in the technical side of radio than the operating side, I don't go on air
very often but do a lot of listening. I am fascinated at the moment by the
DX window on 75 metres, though my novice HF privileges don't permit me to
use the segment.

Regarding technical discussions - apart from talk on antennas and packet
operating procedures - I just don't hear any in this part of the world.
That's why I like mailing lists such as this!

I was wondering, as I was putting turns of fine wire on a tiny toroid,
whether they are used in many commercial rigs, or whether the obvious
manufacturing difficulties make solenoid coils more attractive for mass
production. We homebrewers may have a real advantage there!

By the way, I am practising my morse to get a full call.


David Taylor
RMIT (Bundoora Campus)

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