A Good Day at the Mail Box!


From: Bruce Lifter (bal@ccd.harris.com)
Date: Tue Jun 14 1994 - 14:01:56 EDT

Yesterday was one of those rare, once in a life time, days at the mail box!

I found:

   The June edition of QRPp
   A local club newsletter
   A 30-40 NE Qrp kit
   A flyer from Dan's Small Parts and Kits
   and NO BILLS! :-)

Once again, QRPp looks great...

The local club newsletter was just in time for that night's meeting...

I can't wait to get started on the 30-40 kit!...

Dan's new catalog had lots of new kits. He now has kits from Oak Hills,
MXM Industries, along a few new misc. kits! The Oak Hills kits and the
NN1G Mark II are currently on sale! Can I swing a CL20/40 in addition to
the 30-40 and the Sierra I have ordered? Hmmmm :-)

73, Bruce, KR4AQ

Bruce Lifter                                                    
Harris Corporation                                                MS: R5-202 
Controls Division                              email: blifter@ccd.harris.com

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