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From: N8ET@delphi.com
Date: Sun Jun 12 1994 - 23:36:37 EDT

June 13, 1994

In the past few months there has been some discussion on the QRP
list about the difficulty of getting PC boards/kits of parts for
the direct conversion gear published in QST by Rick Campbell -
KK7B. That is about to change....

At the Dayton Hamvention this year Rick and I spent some time
talking about the possibility of Kanga US producing and marketing
kits for the R1, R2, T2, and miniR2 (unpublished) projects. Since
that time we have worked out the details, and I am currently
trying to get parts, documentation, etc., ready to go. I hope to
be ready to ship in the next 4 weeks or so. My first order for
parts (so I can build the kits!) is going out Monday morning. I
like to build the kits I sell before I sell them so I know they
work. Assuming they work, and I have no reason to think they
won't, I will then order stock for the first run of kits.

This week I plan to get a good handle on what my costs will be so
I can price the kits, and then I can start taking orders. If you
are interested - please let me know. If there is enough immediate
interest, I would like to offer the readers of the QRP list a
reduced price for an initial order to help me with the up front
$$$ it is going to take to get this project started. Drop me an
e-mail note at n8et@delphi.com and I will post you the
pricing info directly rather than on the list. There are several
people who have already contacted me, and I will be notifying
them directly this coming week also.

For those of you interested in the boards only - I will be
pricing them at the same price Rick did - $10 for the T2, R1, and
miniR2 boards, and $20 for the R2 boards. Include $3.50 to cover
shipping costs. I will take orders for those anytime - I will be
ordering stock from Rick this week. Please note - I think he is
out of the R1 board, so there may be a delay on that one. My
address is:

     Bill Kelsey
     3521 Spring Lake Dr.
     Findlay, OH 45840

The phone is a line into my shack, and will have an answering
machine on it "real soon now", but at present will get answered
only in the evenings when I happen to be in the shack. Try
between 6 - 11 pm eastern, or anytime during the day on the

For those of you looking for more info on the R1, R2, and T2,
look in the QST of Aug. 92, and Jan., Apr., May 93. There is
enough there to keep you busy reading for a couple of days....
Rick loaned me his Classic 40, and it is everything the article
says it is.

This note has been posted only on the QRP list in order to keep
the initial response to something I hope I can manage. Rick was
literally buried when he began producing boards, and that is why
he got away from the production end. He tells me he has about 300
unanswered inquiries that he is sending me to take care of. If
you are interested - get something to me before I tackle that

72/73 - Bill - N8ET
Kanga US

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