QRP New England Field Day Plans


From: Mark Swartwout (swart@curry.shr.dec.com)
Date: Sun Jun 12 1994 - 20:55:39 EDT

This year, as for the last two years, the New England QRP club will
operate Field Day from the Princeton Massachusetts Light Department
Wind Farm on the West slope of Mt Wachusett. This is an excellent
site that always produces good results.

We will be operating Class 3A Battery, and of course, operate each
station at 5 Watts or less. Our call will be W1FMR.

We meet at the site on Saturday morning to set up antennas and stations.
Everyone brings their own food and kitchen gear. There is plenty of
room to set up sleeping tents away from the stations. Nothing is
elaborate, but we have a good time.

We have about a dozen operators signed up, but there is always room
for more. If you would like to operate this premier event with us,
or if you would like more information, please contact me as soon as

73 de Mark, NX1K

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