Index Labs QRP PLUS - received brochure


From: David Feldman (
Date: Tue Jun 07 1994 - 13:21:16 EDT

Just received QRP PLUS product brochure from INDEX LABS (in Wash. state).


picture of unit - dimensions 5-1/2"W 4"H 6"D.
Controls: Switches - 20 dB atten/normal, Xcv/split/RIT mode select
             Adjustments - Frequency knob, volume
             Buttons - Fast (rate), Memory, (both = memory store)
             More buttons - Reverse, bandwidth
             (some buttons work in conjunction with tune control)
             S-meter (edge) and phones jack.
             Display is LCD with 100 Hz resolution.
Key bullets: 5W CW/SSB 160M-10M Switched Cap Audio Filter 100-2400 Hz
             12V 140mA RX current, 20 memories, full break-in.


Description of the front-panel controls (buttons, switches & adjustments)
and sample operating scenarios for frequency control.

Other -

Power required 12V at 1.5A TX, 140 mA RX

"A unique single conversion up-converting design provides exceptional
receiver performance with a significant reduction in size, cost and power

"Separate connectors and an internal jumper allow the QRP PLUS to be
conveniently interfaced with VHF/UHF transverters and external linear


I called them and discovered it has no noise blanker (=no sale for me)
I did not ask about computer remote control (i.e., RS-232 port).
I did not ask about shipping schedule. (lack of NB killed it immediately for me)


Index Laboratories (206) 851-5725 9318 Randall Dr. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332


Hope this is useful.

73 Dave WB0GAZ (Denver DM79)

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