RE: Deceptive SWR Readings


From: Adrian Weiss W0RSP English Department (
Date: Sun Jun 05 1994 - 22:16:06 EDT

Dear Bob:
   Thank you very much for the nice welcome. I certainly am excited about INET
QRP and enjoy reading the daily postings very much. I also am flattered that
you clipped all my CQ articles! That's a pile, isn't it!
   Unfortunately, THE JOY OF QRP has been out of print for many years -- in
fact, all 2200 copies went in under two years. As I understand the situation,
it is next to impossible to find anyone willing to part with their copy.
   I might as well add a general announcement that might help. As copyright
owner of JOY, I have absolutely no objections to anyone making xerox copies for
a friend or other contacts.vmye3wqbG

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