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From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Sat Jun 04 1994 - 22:25:17 EDT

Gang, I have been inundated with requests for the Sierra
Brochures. We are looking at a time problem, as the orders must
be postmarked by the 15th of June, so I am going to reproduce the
brochure here as best that I can. This is being posted for
information of the members of this forum, and is done so after
numerous requests.
The original brochure was written by Wayne Burdick, N6KR.
               Announcing The NorCal Sierra QRP Transceiver
                                May 1, 1994
Ever since we began our first club project, the NorCal 40, some
NorCal members have been visualing a multiband backpacking rig.
Now, after the completion of three working prototypes, NorCal is
ready to begin a limited field-test run of the Sierra. We think
this is the most efficient multiband CW rig available, and we
know that NorCal members will really put it to the test!
The Sierra is a bit larger than the NorCal 40 and has the same
one board construction, but adds band modules that plug into the
main board (see illustration). So far, we've built band modules
for 160-15 meters, and maximum output power ranges from 2 to 4
watts. Band change is a snap thanks to quick release latches on
either side of the box, and you can (with some ingenuity) store
up to four extra band modules inside the top cover.
The Sierra was designed by Wayne Burdick, N6KR, with input from
many NorCal members, especially Doug Hendricks and Bob Warmke.
It is a step up from the NorCal 40 in many ways. The VFO covers
about 150 kHz on each band, using a stable air variable capacitor
with built in 8:1 reduction drive and calibrated dial. Transmit
keying is shaped for reduced clicks. The receiver includes an IF
amp, providing greater sensitivity and a much wider AGC range.
Current drain on receive is still low at 30 mA (no signal). And
there's plenty of audio, now, to drive a speaker directly. The
Sierra also has lots of interior and front and back panel space
available for additions of your own.
We'll have complete kits for the 80, 40, 30, 20, and 15 meter
modules, as well as bare boards so you can build modules for the
other bands. The manual will have parts lists and instructions
for all bands.
At present there are no other accessories available
(suggestions?) but we're thinking about a keyer/metering board,
and a custom canvas bag with pockets for the Sierra, battery,
keyer paddle, etc.
Disclaimer: The Sierra is a more complex design than the NorCal
40. As an example, note that there are eight (8!) u-wind-'em
toroids per band module. First time builders and those without
good test equipment may have difficulty getting the rig running
correctly. However, if you do have trouble, we'll try to find a
club member in your area to help you; after all, this is a club
Delivery: Due to difficulties in getting parts and finding
unpaid laborers to put kits together - not to mention the fact
that most of us have day jobs - NorCal can't guarantee a shipping
date. But we're shooting for August.
If you'd like to tacke the Sierra, fill out and mail the order
form below.
The order form also includes a short member survey; please fill
out this part of the form whether or not you're ordering the
Sierra. This is a good chance for us to take the pulse of
NorCal, which has grown much faster than anyone expected. We'll
publish the survey results in a future issue of QRPp.
[End of first page of original brochure.]
Sierra Order Form: This offer is for NorCal QRP Club members
only; limit one (1) Sierra kit per member. All prices include
shipping in the U.S. Some of you may want to enhance your Sierra
at a later date, so we will probably offer band module kits and
other accessories on a continuing basis. To place these
subsequent orders, call Jim Cates at 1-916-487-3580. All initial
orderes must use this form and must be postmarked by June 15,
Sierra Transceiver Kit only (no band modules), $160 _________
                    80 Meter band module kit, $25 _________
                    40 Meter band module kit, $25 _________
                    30 Meter band module kit, $25 _________
                    20 Meter band module kit, $25 _________
                    15 Meter band module kit, $25 _________
Band module PCB only, $7 ea. x ________ = _________
                                        Subtotal: _________
               Calif. Residents add 7.75% sales tax _________
                    Foreign Orders add $10 postage _________
          Total (enclose check payable to Jim Cates) _________
Mail Check and Order form to:
     Jim Cates,
     3241 Eastwood Road
     Sacramento, CA 95821
City:____________________ State:______ Zip: ______
Note: If you are not a current member of NorCal QRP Club, you can
become one by applying for membership. Send your name, call and
address to Jim Cates at the address above. If you would like a
subscription to the journal of the club, QRPp, send an additional
$5. QRPp is published quarterly in March, June, September and
December and has 72 pages of pure QRP info in it with NO paid
Ok guys, that is it for the brochure. Note that NorCal refers to
the NorCal QRP Club, which is an association of QRP enthusiasts
and is NOT a COMMERCIAL VENTURE. This kit is being offered as a
club project to club members only to enhance the enjoyment of the
hobby, QRP operating, and to encourage experimentation and
homebrewing among our members. This posting on the internet is
done in response to many requests for it. 72, Doug, KI6DS

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