CW in Mexico


From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Sat Jun 04 1994 - 12:32:23 EDT


well got to feeling bad about not bringing a CW rig to Cancun.
Thought about the article in QST..

Went to the outside junk room.. cut a piece of 5"X5"
plexiglass..drilled some holes for the wires and ropes.. sent into
the junk closet and found some real tiny coax the size of 174..but
with different numbers on it.. it was about 30 feet so. .figured
it must be the right stuff (HI HI).. didn't want to use magnetic
wire.. tangles too easy.. got some not too heavy stranded and
insulated wire out of the junk closet. Had fun putting a 259
connector onto the tiny coax.. finally got it right...

strung the thing up in the back yard..had made the wire a lot
longer than I thought it should be .. because I had no idea about
how this thing would feel...found it to be 1:1 at 7.690.. so cut
off a couple of hunks on each side and got it under 1.4:1 on 30
meters.. may be a little better wasn't too hight off the
ground.. took my MFJ 30 meter, a battery and a tiny key outside
and could hear signals..checked the swr with my OH QRP wattmeter..

Heard someone calling CQ.. made a contact.. so guessing it works
ok.. seemed to hear what my vertical was hearing.. so think it
will work fine..the coax and all the wires wrap neatly around the
5x5 plexiglass. the thing is incredibly small and light.. cut tiny
pieces of PVC for end connectors.. epoxied and tied off all the
wires on the should make it through the trip.

while doing my morning jog.. got to thinking..I liked the thought
of a really small multiband.. no tuner antenna.. and knew I had
the first part done.. think all I would need to do is to cut some
small pieces of plexiglass or pvc.. and find the 20 meter length
and cut the wired at this point and put a small end insulator..
then hook on sections for 20/30/40.. leave a small piece of wire
from the 30 with a alligator clip on the end of it.. same for the
40 to 30 part and just connect which section(s) you want to work.
Advantage of this of the one in the article is that you only have
one dipole to hang up.. and would only take a minute to let each
end down and clip the section together.. didn't like the thought
of having two seperate wire sets. Going to redo the antenna when
I get back... let you know how it works..

PS.. long time ago sent my mastercard # to Russia? for a new
surplus mini key that comes in its own case.. got it yesterday..
cost $28 with shipping (it says something about R100.67.. hope
this means the rubbles equivelent.. key is worthe the $28..not


Hope to work some of you /XE3... hope there s reciprocal
licensing. think there is

Jeff, AC4HF

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