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From: Wayne Burdick (
Date: Wed Jun 01 1994 - 22:14:07 EDT

Hi gang,

Back in January I sent out preliminary specs on the NorCal Sierra kit,
including some speculative pricing. A lot has changed since then; we now
have three working prototypes, final specs, and final pricing. (If you
haven't heard of the Sierra, it's a multiband, superhet transciever kit
that covers 80 through 15 meters using plug-in modules. It covers 150KHz
on each band, puts out 2 to 4 watts, and the receiver has a crystal filter
and good AGC range. The rig is intended for backpacking: small, only 30mA
receive-mode current drain, and you can store the band modules in the
cover. The kit comes with everything including a custom case, like the
NorCal 40. Plenty of room for add-ins, since everything mounts on a single
board. You add the paint and decals.)

We sent out a brochure to all NorCal members last month. If you are
interested in the Sierra but did not get a brochure, let me know and I'll
send you one. It includes a high-resolution drawing showing what the rig
looks like from the top and front.

The rig is priced so that the club won't lose money, but it's still way
under anything else you can get that's multiband ($160 for the basic rig,
$25 for each band module). By the way, if you want to take a "wait and
see" attitude (often a wise course), don't worry; we will probably put
together some extra kits beyond what is ordered and make them available
after the first wave have been built. Little refinements in the
documentation are inevitable.

The rig is a club project, so if you're not a member of NorCal, you'll have
to come up with $5 for dues. Doug Hendricks puts out a great quarterly
newsletter for the money.


P.S. -- Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions about the Sierra
design. Our next project--I hope--will be a miniature automatic antenna
tuner for QRP rigs, and we could use your suggestions for that one, too.
(Does anyone already make a cheap, miniature, automatic antenna tuner?)

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