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From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Jun 01 1994 - 17:09:01 EDT


Excuse the bandwidth here, but I think this is important
enough that I beg the indulgence of the group. Typically
we don't go into flame wars, but I'd guess once in a while
we need to stir the waters. Again, please forgive me for
I know not what I do.


On Nov 13th of last year (1993) I posted the following. Nice thing
about internet. Everything that you say and do is archived.
Bad thing about the internet. Everything that you say and do
is archived.

.........here it is verbatim from the archives.......

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 93 21:26:36 -0600
From: adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com (Chuck Adams)
Message-Id: <9311140326.AA07638@chuck.dallas.sgi.com>
To: qrp@Think.COM
Subject: Hambrew es QRPp Review


I received a few days ago in the mail two items: QRPp - Journal of the
Northern California QRP Club and Hambrew - for Amateur Radio Designers
and Builders.

Let me give my impressions of both, and these are my impressions and
mine alone.

                        HAMBREW QRPp

Date Autumn 1993 December 1993
Pages (including cover) 48 pages 60 pages
Size 5.5"W x 8.5"H 5.5"W x 8.5"H
Weight 2.7oz 2.3oz
                        (weighed on electronic postal scale)
Postage, if mailed 1st $0.75 $0.75
      I don't have the 3rd class rates........
Paper 60lb slick 20lb nongloss
Pictures 3 full page shots B&W No full page photos
                          including F&B covers
                        22 B&W Photos (good qua.) 1 B&W Photo (scanned)
                        total space of 10 pgs about 1/3 page total
Cartoons 2/3 of a page total none
Advertising 4.5 pages none

HAMBREW ARTICLES (already table of contents posted to net)
  1. Ramsey 30 Meter Transmitter Kit Review - Ramsey might go
  after them after this one. They changed the box (RS), added LED
  pwr, and other stuff to really canabalize (sp?) the thing. I
  personally don't think the results could be counted as a Ramsey
  kit. :-) I really didn't like the way they split the article
  after one page and continued toward the last of the publication.
  They did this in a bunch of places. A definite turnoff for me.

  2. Zapp The DX With The Zapper - how to build a mobile antenna
  for about $30 to $50 using PVC es stuff. "The Zapper" a play
  on the "Bug Catcher". ;-) Cute.

  3. The NorthWest QRP Club "30-30" CW Transmitter by KG7CR.
  A crystal controlled QRP rig. 2.5 pages including one page
  for schematic and parts list and .5 page for winding toroids.
  Not much meat at all, like maybe a PC board layout for those
  who are interested.

  And other articles, which I leave for the others in the group
  to give us their feedback on. I wasn't too thrilled myself,
  but that's just me, I'm sure.

QRPp Articles (already a table of contents posted to the net, I think)
  1. A bunch of articles by various people from this group, including
  yours truly. So, a bunch of it will be review for those who read
  this group.
  2. Article by Wayne Burdick, N6KR, designer and father of the
  NorCal 40 Rig! This article alone is worth the $5 price for a
  whole years subscription to the newsxxxxx ooops, Journal of
  the Northern California QRP Club. :-) Four pages of the description
  of the circuits and two full pages for the schematics. So, those of
  you who did not get to buy the kit, here's your chance to get a
  look at it. No PC board layout. We'll let Wayne worry about that
  deal. It's his puppy, so to speak.
  3. Three and a half pages on an Audio Filter by Jim Pepper, W6QIF,
  including graphs of frequency responses and circuit diagrams.
  4. Three and a half pages with NorCal Club members, numbers,
  and addresses. I see some of you there in the list. Who's who of
  the internet. :-)

  And I didn't want to get too detailed in the reviews.

  Summary. Hambrew - $20 per year, four issues sent 3rd CLASS mail.
            QRPp - $5 per year, four issues sent 1st CLASS mail.

I enjoyed the QRPp more and spent more time wading through it, since
it has more print and more info and a lot fewer pictures and advertising.

Hambrew, P.O. Box 260083, Lakewood, CO 80226-0083 $20/yr
QRPp, Jim Cates, WA6GER, 3241 Eastwood Rd., Sacramento, CA 95821 $5/yr

I don't think that Hambrew is aimed or going to attempt to do much for
the QRP crowd. I got a call from George De Grazio, WF0K, Publisher,
after I called on his 800-5-HAM-RIG number to see where my copy was.
I received a copy first class mail a few days letter with note that
this was a sample issue. What? I paid $20 for one year plus a bonus
issue. Does he not have me down as a regular subscriber? Those of
you who have not received your issue, call him. Since they are being
sent 3RD Class mail and we know what the US Postal Service does to
third class mail, I'd check up on it.

Oh. There will be no back issues of QRPp. Issue will be mailed
out Dec 1, 1993 first class mail. Be sure to get your money in
post haste.

DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the NorCal Club, but I don't get anything
special from them, so this is a review on what I have seen. The above
is my opinion(s) and I'd be glad to have anyone in this group that has
seen the Hambrew issue and disagrees with the review, let US know. I
make errors, but rarely. :-)

dit dit
.......end of article except for signature....


Now excerpt in its entirety from "The NWQ Newsletter",
Volume 2 Number 6, A Publication of The Northwest QRP
Club, April 1994.

  "Literary Criticism" well-meaning or mean-Sprited?

        By Bill Todd - N7MFB
        President, NW QRP Club

"Earlier this month, I read an article in a fairly new QRP
Publication that was quite disturbing to me personally.

The article in question was a point by point comparison and
criticism of the writers favorite QRP Publication and that of
the first issue of the "HamBrew" magizine (sic) (which is not a
QRP publication in the first place).

The writer went on and on about how his favorite QRP magazine
was vastly superior in every way to the "Hambrew" magazine. The
writer even made fun of the paper "Hambrew" is printed on. Although
I have not seen it, I understand that this same writer also wrote an
article that was carried on the Internet BBS system criticizing the
very first issue of the Colorado QRP Club's "Low Down" magazine.

I wonder - what is the purpose of this kind of literary criticism?
It struck me at the time as being just another example of an individual
trying to put someone down to make himself look good. If the writer
really cared about improving "Hambrew", wouldn't a personal letter
have been more appropriate?

I can tell you from personal experience that the Editor of any
publication receives constructive criticism from time to time. It
is never pleasant to receive these letters, but I feel they are
necessary. Public criticism on the other hand, is not constructive
but often mean-spirited.

I call on my fellow QRP editors to show some responsibility, and not
allow these self serving 'critiques' to see their way into any more
QRP publications."


pp 1. He's read QRPp!!

pp 2. Quite a jump here. I didn't say that QRPp was my favorite
       QRP publication.

pp 3. I did not make fun of the paper. I have published 58 refereed
       articles in physics journals and four books. I think I know
       English, but someone point it out to me if I missed the point.
       How can you call Internet a BBS system? How can you talk about
       something (my review of CQC) you haven't read?

pp 4. I was not trying to make myself look good. I don't have an ego
       problem. Ask anyone who has personally met me. I did the
       review for the QRP mailing group. I did it to help people,
       who with their own hard earned money have to make decisions
       on where to get the best and most information for their
       money. I used the data at hand, not go around and create it.

pp 5. I completely disagree with this paragraph in it's entirety.
       The purpose of a review is to provide one's view(s) on a topic,
       another piece of work, or manufactured goods. You can not
       supress freedom to convey one's view(s). The review is one
       such method for doing so. Mr Todd would like everything to
       be perfect, but unfortunately that is not the case. To call
       me mean-spirited (implied by the fact that he used the term
       often and in reference to my posting) is carrying his critique
       too far and I take it personally, both to myself and my

pp 6. Looks like I won't get to publish anymore, since he has called
       on all newsletters to no allow "these self serving critiques"
       to be published. This paragraph says that maybe the article
       shouldn't have been published either. Looks like I'll have
       to start my own newsletter. :-) :-)

I was disturbed by all this for several reasons. It was aimed at me.
It was an assault on my character. Someone distorted (I think) the

I think I have been positive in 95% or more of my posts to this group.
Shakespeare was right. The world is a stage.

NOTE: The logo for Twilight Publishing Company, created early last
       year looks similar to the NW QRP Club's logo. It was copied
       and I have witnesses to that fact.

I now go and crawl back into my cave.

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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