R1 ???


From: Bob Scott (bob_scott@cpqm.saic.com)
Date: Tue May 31 1994 - 09:57:41 EDT

                      R1 ???
OK, I give up. I have searched my archives and hoped that someone
else would ask, but since no one has. What is a R1? I know it
is a receiver of some sort and that Laura is building one, but
where do I find the circuit (or is it a commercial kit?)?

Hope that all had a good weekend. I borrowed a 100 Mhz scope from
work and spent part of the weekend discovering that my power
meter was bad and that my NorCal 40 was putting out 1.4 watts vs
the <.5 watt I thought it was. Also checked out and
aligned my Oak Hills Spirit while I was at it. All thanks to the
article in the latest QRPp on measuring output power.

Looking forward to Manassas hamfest this weekend.

Thanks in advance.

73 Bob AC4QO

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