From: MYRON R. KOYLE (72530.1666@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat May 28 1994 - 13:14:37 EDT

As all too many of my QRP-ARCI friends know, I made the worst mistake
possible when I replaced my tri-bander after a direct lightning hit (and,
Yes, it vaporized half of the elements). By "worst mistake" I mean it is
OK on 10M, 2 megs low on 15M and 4 megs low on 20M and no adjustment is
left!. To put it another way, it's a nice -- but costly -- dummy load.

Because I don't want to go to the extra labor (not to mention expense) of a
major tower upgrade -- unless I have to -- so, at this point I want to look
at beams smaller than the TH7's.

I would appreciate your personal (or that of other hams known by you)
comments on "CURRENT" manufacture. I say, "current" (say, last 5 yr or so)
because too much has changed over the years in durability, quality and
performance. For example, every bit of evidence available to me shows
TELREX's massive quality and support deterioration. True or not, I rule
them out. Also, please DO NOT refer me to printed reviews. I trusted them
 -- that's what got me into the mess I'm in now! I need your experience.
That,I trust!

Your thoughts please on: KLM (34-A) -- the smallest physical size of the
bunch; Hy-Gain (Explorer, TH5); and Mosely (CL and Pro series only).
There may be another maybe "Force 12" (?). I'll leave that to you.

Myron N8DHT

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