Re: Gain due to mountaintop QTH?


From: rossi@VFL.Paramax.COM
Date: Wed May 25 1994 - 12:30:40 EDT

->In my experience, getting close to salt water far outdistances vertical
->elevation. Fresh water is also good. Mountaintops offer great views, but
->usually very poor ground conditions, high winds, trouble with storms and
->weather, and sore legs. On HF, unless you're blocked by a bluff or cliff,
->salt water is the way to go. I realize this doesn't help the gang in the
->Midwest much...they have to worry about mosquitos and June bugs flying
->into the muffin fan blowing on the operators...ick!
->73, Ward N0AX
->BYW - the Western Wash DX Club is operating W7FR from a New-Options Middle
->School site in Seattle this year. K7TTZ is teaching a class in Ham Radio
->there and we're going to work with the kids to see how they like Field Day.

Well, the closest thing to a "mountain" around here is 500-600 ft... and in
southern NJ you are lucky to be above sea-level :-)

Last year I tried operating Field Day from the beach in Ocean City NJ (SNJ)
I used a kite to support a 1/2 wave wire vertical RIGHT ON THE BEACH - NOT 50
FEET FROM THE OCEAN! Ran 5 watts with an OHR 20 meter Spirit. Don't know if
it was conditions, the antenna, the location, or what, but it worked * GREAT *

For HF, I will take an ocean over a mountain any day. But for VHF I might go
with the mountain top.

I plan to do the same thing again for FD this year except I will be on 20 and
40 meters with my new OHR Classic. Look for WA3NNA/2 1B SNJ.

Re: My previous post about OHR Classic problems. I got it working. Found 2
electrolytic caps that somehow got installed backwards (!) Works great now.


Pete Rossi - WA3NNA
Unisys Corporation - Government Systems Group
Valley Forge Engineering Center - Paoli, Pennsylvania

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