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From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Wed May 25 1994 - 10:09:57 EDT


trying to make some room in the shack:

1) 624 Kits Gary Breed 40 meter transceiver. Superhet.. puts out
about 7 watts, but can be turned down.. excellent receiver. In
case with speaker.. has S meter and fine tune.. plenty of audio..
works well.. The front of the case has a couple of scratches and
the S meter rectangle isn't perfect (for those who must have
perfect cases.. this isn't..but looks ok to decent).. all controls
and jacks labeled with labeling gun (not silked screened.. but
looks good).... $80+ shipping.

2) Hows ATU30 antenna interface unit... super case and parts..
very heavy duty. has antenna tuner that will go from qrp to 30
watts.. will go from 1.8 to 54 MHz. SWR/power meter, built in
sidetone that will operate with any type keyer or keying system..
produces a 800 Hz tone. Kit was $146.95 (plus nice building on
this one). will sell for $75+shipping or trade for something
interesting like LCR meter that will measure small L.

Probably be cleaning some more stuff out.

I also have an original MXM superhet receiver/crystal TX in a very
small case with built in tiny speaker.. trade or sell maybe.

PS.. got my QRPp.. increcible job Doug.. came nicely wrapped in
plastic.,. started reading it at breakfast.

Jeff, AC4HF

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