From: ASIRENE@v9001.ntu.ac.sg
Date: Mon May 23 1994 - 12:57:29 EDT


        I figured out my problem with the NN1G, 2 of the shunt diodes were
shorted so no signal was getting through. Now that I've fixed it, its better.
I can't say much about the sensitivity of the receiver as only the stronger
signals rise above the noise floor. In fact I'd say it was a very noisy
receiver and even my Radiokit QRP-20 has better sensitivity, although it has
lots of birdies. The NN1G is quite clean where birdies are concerned though.
I wonder if this lack of sensitivity is due to my construction or due to
inherent design shortcomings? Like I said,the internal noise is higher than
atmospheric noise as I can't hear any increase in noise when I plug on the
antenna. Wished it was more sensitive.

        The transmit side works fine and the QSK is great. It seems that my
NN1G is putting out some 7-8 watts, is this normal? I didn't think this was
possible but there it is on the meter.

        Any advise on increasing sensitivity or improving receiver performance
or signal/noise ratio will be greatly appreciated.


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