Success with NN1G


From: John F. Woods (
Date: Mon May 23 1994 - 11:06:48 EDT

At long last, I got on the air with my NN1G rig last weekend, and made exactly
one contact (this was just before I had to leave to go to a party, so it's not
so bad); W0MHS/4 in Georgia (apparently), who was apparently working some
contest or other, but he gave me a 579 report, which looks more genuine than
the typical contest report, so my 3W seems to really work. Hurray! (And as
soon as the landscapers finish rebuilding the garden, I'll be able to put the
antenna back up and be ready to work everyone here in the next contest :-)

(Which reminds me, how much power is everyone else getting with NN1G rigs?
I thought it was supposed to be about 1.5W, and with two power meters claiming
that I can get about 5W into a dummy load, I'm concerned that there's something
screwy going on with my rig.)

73, John, WB7EEL/1
On the air at last after over a decade.

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