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From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Fri May 13 1994 - 11:00:04 EDT

Doug just posted to the net that he got a copy of the V1#1 issue
of K5FO's QRP Newsletter. Gang, do not send more money. Please.
The deal was for $5 and that's the way I want to keep it for awhile.
We'll make up the small loss at a later time. I'm not in this to
make money. So, wait please. It's too much paper work for me.
ANY paperwork is too much for me. :-)

Also, for those who my now decide to subscribe. Please send a
US reproduction of Abe Lincoln ($5 bill for the humor impaired) :-)

Twilight Publishing Co.
1301 West Highway 407, Suite 353
Lewisville, TX 75067

I know it's a pain, but I want to keep the mailings separate
from all the other mail that I get. There is a reason for
this madness. Some of you didn't listen and it cost you
two to three days on getting yours. :-)

Doug suggested that I go to a heavier cover stock and I will.
I listened to the printer at OfficeMax ( a firm that both Doug
and I use because they are the cheapest around and they do good
work ) and he suggested the slightly lighter than #65 stock
since it would not wrinkle when folded as bad as the heavier
stock for the smaller pages, which is something that Doug
never had to worry about.

The June issue will go out the end of next week. I told you
I had three months ready, but I'm not going to send 'em all
out at once, then you'd have a dry spell. :-)

Also, I'm not doing a table of contents yet, it takes too up
valuable space. I'll do a free table of contents every year
as a cross reference. We're looking at 240 pages per year,
which is the same number of total pages in 4 issues of the QQ
(QRP ARCI Quarterly, which may change soon). I will have
projects and schematics. I'm working on the photo issues
as we speak.

dit dit from the swamps --- 4.65 inches of rain in two days

from your hippy-dippy weatherman,

I'm thinking of doing something for the clubs around. What
if I charge a slightly higher fee, say $15 per year. The club
gets a copy of the master unfolded and ready to reproduce, on
top of that one copy as sent out with permission to reproduce
for each member of the club. It may wind up being more
Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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