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From: Kevin Purcell (
Date: Wed May 11 1994 - 19:44:14 EDT

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NH6IL asked:

>Kevin: are all the Ryan boards xtal controlled?

Yes, they're all xtal controlled. In fact the design of the XO makes it
pretty much impossible to turn them into a VXO (again Mike Bryce in 73
followed this through). But you could add a VFO to squirt drive into the
base of the XO, but this doesn't sound like what you want for this
particular project.

>Kevin: You mentioned Ryan Comm TX boards ( at great prices ) - who is
>Ryan Comms and why are these boards going so cheaply?

Initially they had a good price ($30 to $40 built). Their construction
looks like a "milspec" board (the torroids are very neat an held to the pcb
with nylon bolts. The board even has a glass fuse and fuse holder on it.

I dunno why they got into the market originally. Probably seemed like a
good idea at the time.

>Are they kits?

No, built and tested. Thats wither good news or bad news (depending on how
much you like building!).

>Do they make a 10M version?

I can't remember. Fair Radio didn't advertise one. I should check the
original ads.

>These sound great!

They sound ideal for your application. Perhaps a little underpowered, but
then you could add a IRF510/511 MOSFET PA for very little money if you
wanted more juice.

>(is Hawaii DX?)

If you live there, no (obviously!), but if you live on the East Coast its
getting there and in Europe it certainly the first Oceanic country worked
by most.

Are you aware of how the 160m band plan works (the DX window and so on)?
You can find out more about this from the "bible" ON4UN's book "Low Band
DXing", now in 2nd edition from ARRL. This book is essential if you want to
get into this field. Loads of equipment, antenna and operating ideas.


Kevin Purcell, N7WIM / G8UDP
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