RE:Buying a "silly scope"


Date: Tue May 10 1994 - 19:38:01 EDT

Kevin Purcell, N7WIM / G8UDP wrote:

>>I'm thinking of taking the plunge and buying an oscillisope for the home
>>workbench. Two problems are price and weight. The first is self evident but
>>my price range is around $300 to $400. This will let me buy products in two
>>categories: new 25MHz BW Pacific rim scopes or reconditioned 50Mhz BW
>>ex-military scope. The latter is >40lbs! The surplus scopes are a bit on
>>the big side for appartment electronics.

I saw couple of Tektronics 475 (and others) for sale at the "Trenton Computer
Fest" for $475. They are all in mint condition. Too bad I did not remember
the name of the company. Many be somebody else on the mailing list see them.
It was in the middle of the flea market area. Company like "Tuckers" normally
charge a lot more than the little guys advertised in magazine like "Nuts and
Volts". But then again, they claimed their scope are all calibrated (don't know
whether that means anything, do you get your scope calibrated every year?).

D.J. Wang, N2YKP/AA

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