Buying a "silly scope"


From: Kevin Purcell (
Date: Tue May 10 1994 - 17:40:08 EDT

I'm thinking of taking the plunge and buying an oscillisope for the home
workbench. Two problems are price and weight. The first is self evident but
my price range is around $300 to $400. This will let me buy products in two
categories: new 25MHz BW Pacific rim scopes or reconditioned 50Mhz BW
ex-military scope. The latter is >40lbs! The surplus scopes are a bit on
the big side for appartment electronics.

Observation of the Market:

For example Tucker sells both:

Phillips PM3212 $299 (25Mhz, not clear whether this is new or not?)
Seems like a average simple dual trace scope useful for general HF work.

AN/USM281A $329 (50MHz, surplus)
This is a military HP180A with 1801A and 1821A plugins. Is this a solid
state (or a hybrid) scope? It weights 43lbs.

Goldstar OS-9020A $379 (20Mhz BW, new)
Slightly poorer spec than the Phillips

In 73 I also see advertised new oscilliscopes:

B&K Precision 20Mhz $380
Seems similar to Goldstar.

Hitachi 20Mhz $380
Not much info.

Given my price limitation and an aversion to weight I'm looking for a
desktop 'scope for general HF QRP work (signal tracing, quality, RF pkpk
measurements, AF setup, etc). Suggestions and comments on the above scopes
or other. Know of any dealers with good prices and good service?

Kevin Purcell, N7WIM / G8UDP
(206) 649-6489

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