160m discussion


From: Gary M Diana (gmd@adm01.rfc.comm.harris.com)
Date: Tue May 10 1994 - 10:35:28 EDT

Hello All -

   With the recent flurry of talk about the 160m band and building
converters, I thought I would add to the discussion.

   I have been listening quite a bit to 160m on a modified NN1G
rig. Since the activity on 160m is sparse at best, you get used to
the W1AW schedule for testing your receiver.

   Anyway, what prompted this note was that the band conditions last
evening between 8pm and 11pm EST were excellent, i.e. low/no noise,
and good propogation as evidenced by hearing more than 1 station 8^).
I heard w1aw, a 0, some 2's, a 3, a 4, an 8, and a VE station (all CW).
All these were heard using a 10-40m trap vertical. I still don't have
an antenna for 160, but last night would have been a good time to test
the transmit ability of the NN1G rig. Anyway, I hope to have the rig
and a proper antenna ready for field day, should propagation and noise
be favorable.

73, gary n2jgu

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