Yaesu -FT840


From: John D. Hysell (hysell@Kodak.COM)
Date: Tue May 10 1994 - 07:13:56 EDT

Daniel said:
I am looking for a reasonably cheap rig (500 or less preferably) for use as a
main rig. No Icoms or Kenwoods for me I guess.

Well, if you look at the price you will pay for the Scout plus a mic and a few
band modules, you will exceed $700 (TEN-TEC's recent ad boosted the Scout price
to $595 - used to be $495 - unless the ad I saw was a mis-print...) If you
can stand $725, you should look at the Yaesu FT-840. I picked one up from
Ham Radio Outlet last month, and just can't say enough good things about it.
There is a very complete review in this month's CQ magazine - check it out!

In the nutshell, it covers all the HF bands, CW, AM and SSB, 10 to 100 watts
adjustable, is small, light, and can be mounted under the dash if you like.
LCD panel makes it suitable for field day operations in sunlight. It includes
a decent hand mic. I found the CW filter was not narrow enough, and bought
the optional tighter one. It has 100 memory channels and scanning built in.
FM repeater access on 10M is an option. It also doubles as a general coverage
I was also considering the Scout, but went this direction after I added up the
final price I was likely to pay for a complete Scout-based station.

Operating CW on the FT-840 for the last month got me a 100% on my 13WPM exam
last week - GENERAL CLASS, here I come...

73 de N2VTK

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