40-40 kit


From: Doug Hendricks (dh@deneb.csustan.edu)
Date: Tue May 10 1994 - 01:09:13 EDT

Gang, I have just finished building my second New England Club project,
the 40-40, which is the rig on 40 meters. It is a cw transceiver and is
designed by that most famous resident of Newington, Dave Benson, NN1G. This
rig also took right off from the start. Worked right out of the box, tune
up was a snap and it sounds great. Nice quiet receiver, reminds me of the
NorCal 40 and that is high praise, since I was a beta tester of the NorCal
40 and was there when it was born.
Jim Fitton said that there was going to be another run of the kits. Here is
the lowdown, they cost $40 plus $1.95 shipping. Send your order to:
        Paul Kranz, W1CFI
        26 Mettacornett Path
        Harvard, MA 01451
Hurry, because they are going to ship by the 15th of June, and they were
only doing 50 kits in the second run. If you missed out on the NorCal 40,
if you have always wanted to build a kit but didn't want to sink big bucks
into it, this is your chance. If you are worried about instructions, worry
no more. It comes with an outstanding manual, that gives easy to follow
        If you are thinking about building the Sierra and want some practice
with an easier kit, this is the one to order. It is cheap, and easy, plus if
I can get it to work, anyone can. My congratulations again to the guys on
the "other" coast, they have done it!! By the way, I am member #182, so
I can take some pride in this project, although I had nothing to do with
it, darn.
        This message is for information only, and I received no reimbursement
or consideration for writing this. CuL, 72, Doug, KI6DS

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