TenTec Scout 555


From: ASIRENE@v9001.ntu.ac.sg
Date: Mon May 09 1994 - 11:41:27 EDT


        Has anyone here used or owned a TenTec Scout 555 with the switchable
modules for various bands? I would like to know how good this rig is for the
money, and things like how well does the "Jones" filter perform in practice.
I would also welcome opinions and comparison between the 555 and the Index
Lab's QRP Plus, in terms of real performance. I was a little put off from
buying the QRP Plus after learning about the problem it had with birdies. I
am looking for a reasonably cheap rig (500 or less preferably) for use as a
main rig. No Icoms or Kenwoods for me I guess. What's a good investment. I
now have an ARK 20, works wonderfully and I think it can compete with the
commercial offerings when properly built and aligned. Tks for info in

73 es 72,

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