Ten-Tec Kits


From: Bob Scott (bob_scott@cpqm.saic.com)
Date: Mon May 09 1994 - 10:05:06 EDT

                      Ten-Tec Kits
Back in February, when Ten-Tec first came out with their catalog,
I placed an order for a SWL receiver that I want to evaluate as
a project for the Radio Merit Badge. About a month after placing
the order, I received a card from Ten-Tec telling me that the
shipment would be delayed. Well, we are now into May and still
no kit. Has anyone ordered anything from Ten-Tec and actually
received it yet?

I just placed a call to Ten-Tec and the particular kit I am
ordering (the 1054), is not shipping yet. She said that they
have just started shipping their kits in the last couple of weeks. Guess
they are using the MFJ method of marketing new equipment.

I guess that in a couple of months, it will be all moot. I
certainly hope that they succeed with their product line. We need
 some more people that know which end of a soldering iron to use.


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