160 Meters


From: B61395@awtims.fe.anlw.anl.gov
Date: Sun May 08 1994 - 22:58:44 EDT

On the receive end, I once built a little 455kHz oscillator using one of the
455 kHz ceramic resonators that Radio Shack used to sell. I just used a
"gimmick" capacitor to lightly couple it into the mixer of a cheap multi-band
AM portable. Worked quite well for casual listening. As far as using a
converted BCB RX for 160m, I would guess that it would severely lack
selectivity. I have been using my Kenmore :-) R-1000 for 160, and even with
the 2.5 kHz filter that I installed to replace the absurdly wide factory
filter, it is still too wide in some instances. Bought one of the new Radio
Shack DSP filters lately, and it has added the needed selectivity to be ably
(darn) able to copy close-together CW signals. Hmmm...guess that leads me
to conclude that you *might* be able to get along with the BCB RX with some
outboard audio filtering. Oh, yes, I think that Dan's Small Parts carries
the 455 kHz resonators.

On the transmit end, I have been having reasonable luck with my little home
brew TX, which is based on a couple of ideas from "Solid State Design for the
Radio Amateur." I run about 1.5 watts out, and have worked as far away as
southern California and New Mexico (about 850 miles). I think 160 is a lot
of fun, although we are starting to get to the time of year when the band
doesn't open until very late (by my standards ;-)) and atmospheric noise is
high. But it's never too early to start planning for next fall/winter!!!

I have sent info and schematic for the rig to several of the ops on the 'net...
let me know if you would like a copy. 73, Bill, KR8L/7 (wparmley@anl.gov)

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