HW-8 Manual, tips, etc.


From: Stephen D. Cohen (steve@info.pgh.pa.us)
Date: Mon May 02 1994 - 21:24:16 EDT

I acquired a dirty gerty HW-8 at Dayton for $45, and am getting ready to
get it on the air. Once I get to the Shack for a molex plug, an audio
transformer, and some connectors (to jigger the audio), I'll be ready to
rock (vfo, actually).

What I lack is a manual for the rig. I know a bit about it, but wouldn't
want to debug a non-functional one without a schematic (Eeek!). Of course,
I don't know that it is non-functional, but given the exterior appearance
and confidence inspiring sheer quality exuded by the seller, I have my

If anyone can help me out with a manual (xerox, original, whatever...), let
me know. Of course, I'm willing to pay reasonable expenses/prices.

I'd also like to hear any tips that folks might have about this rig. I
picked up a copy of the HW-8 book (which seems to start with 15 pages on
the 9... Sheeesh!), but it seems to have a few mods that look good, and a
few that don't look so good.

In particular, I'm interested in knowing which RIT mod people like, which
30 meters mod people like (I'll give up either 15, 20, or 80. No way I'm
losing 40, my favorite!), and which other updates folks think are

Thanks in advance (especially for manual pointers!).


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