Re: W8MVN Station


From: James Lyons (jlyons@CAM.ORG)
Date: Mon May 02 1994 - 19:10:12 EDT

> check out. Just a thought. Also, when I say wrong sideband, I mean, >
we don't have a standard for this. There really is no write and no >
wrong "sideband". It's all relative to the local oscillator (LO) and >
the IF frequency.

Just for information, my Icom 751A seems to put CW on the "lower"
sideband on all bands. That is, the CW frequency is closer to the lower
SSB frequency. Tuning a station properly with a transceiver using a DC
RX is always a problem ... a separate RX is a big help.

On DC transceivers I have used I always put a sticker saying "Tune to the
lower side of zero beat" or whatever as the case may be.

73, Jim, VE2KN

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