Dayton reflections


From: Ted Albert (
Date: Sun May 01 1994 - 17:19:43 EDT

Just some quick reflections on Dayton. No doubt everyone will comment on the
rain and what effect it had on the flea market. I managed to look around on
Friday and on Saturday. I saw two Ten Tec Century 21 xcvrs for sale in the
flea market. One had the digital read-out modification and looked to be in
great condition. The owner was away and everything on that table was under
plastic to protect it from the rain. The other Century was in nice condition
and the owner was asking $145.00. I saw an Argonaut 509 with two external
linear amps and matching power supply indoors at one of the vendor booths.
The 509 was priced at $249.00, the amps at $150 each and the ps at $50.

George Dobb's presentation Friday afternoon was great! Everyone who attended
now knows how he manages to produce those GREAT looking front panels. He
offered his views on the general state of the hobby and speculated that with
the current prices and types of components available, this was a great time
for building gear. He used a combination of overheads and actual units
to show the various rigs he has worked on. The presentation was sprinkled
with bits of humor and insights into design considerations using the
current generation of mixer chips.

The presentation left me with a great feeling about our hobby and the
determination to get building again. I purchased a new membership in QRP ARCI
and loaded up on all the parts I could find and some kits to boot. Time to
stop reducing the power level on the Century/21 and the Icom 735 to qrp levels
and get building. I cleared some space in the basement for a work area and
when I leave this office this afternoon, the soldering iron is going back into

Should have some of the new stuff cooking on 40 meters soon. Can't wait!

73 de Ted Albert, KF8EE

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