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Date: Sun May 01 1994 - 11:59:01 EDT

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   * Introducing the *
   * Amateur Radio Newsletter Editors' Reflector *
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   * Founded April 1994 *
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Just when you thought your emailbox was totally full - another
reflector! This notice is to introduce the Amateur Radio
Newsletter Editors' Reflector!

This mail list is designed to allow editors of amateur radio
newsletters to exchange information and ideas.

The list is ONLY open to newsletter editors!

I hope this list will become a forum for discussion among
newsletter editors who have similar interests and difficulties -
but previously had few avenues for exchange.

What you should expect to see on the editor reflector:

   Copies of other editors' newsletters in ascii format.

   Articles that you might want to publish in your newsletter
   (appropriately credited to the author and publication of
   course!) - again in ascii format.

   Calls for help from editors with newsletter related problems.

   Clever ideas that editors have used successfully.

   Small one or two paragraph items that can be used as "fillers"
   to complete a page.

What you should not expect to see on the editor reflector:

   Requests for QSL routes...

   Discussions of the DXCC eligiblity rules...

   Technical questions regarding forward gain of yagis vs.

*********************** WARNING! *****************************

I hope to see some VERY LARGE MESSAGES on this mailing list. If
you pay for reading your electronic mail by the byte or by the
letter or by the word - you might NOT want to subscribe! A ten
page newsletter can result in an ascii file of 60k or more! Be
sure to check on how you pay for your mail service to avoid nasty

****************** HOW TO SUBSCRIBE ************************

Please send any subscribe/unsubscribe requests to instead of the actual reflector

To JOIN the list please send a message to:

and include the word "subscribe", your name and call, the club or
organization that you are associated with, the name of the
newsletter that you publish, it's frequency, and the average
number of issues you print. My message would read:

     Jack Fleming, WA0RJY
     Western Washington DX Club
     Totem Tabloid
     240 issues

NOTE: Remember, if you are not an editor of a newsletter or
magazine, then you are not eligible for membership in this list!

Questions or ideas? Please pass them along to Jack Fleming,
WA0RJY, Thanks and 73.

Jack Fleming, WA0RJY
Seattle, WA DON'T PANIC!

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