QRP Plus and other rigs at Dayton


From: N8ET@delphi.com
Date: Wed Apr 27 1994 - 12:23:16 EDT

Hello all:

They will not be there as far as I know - BUT - he did send a rig to G3RJV
for review and for display at the G-QRP/Kanga Booth (table 241) and at the
QRP suite. It was shipped to my QTH - arrived yesterday- and will be at
Dayton. He also sent a box of color glossy fliers for distribution. We fired
it up last nite on 40 and made a few qso's on CW with it. George has
threatened to try ot on SSB tonight - so look for us on the QRP frequencies
this evening - probably 40 will be the most likely band, but if 20 is open
will be there. G3RJV/W8 will be the call....

 It will be available for use in the suite Thurs/Fri/Sat.....

They also brought several other new kits from Hands and from G8SEQ.... They
will also be operational at the suite in the evenings....

C U all there - we are aiming to be there by noon Thursday.... We have a
sign-up sheet ready to go at the Hotel when we arrive...
72/73 - Bill - N8ET

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