HW8 Alive!


Date: Sat Apr 23 1994 - 20:27:25 EDT

Finally got time to tinker with the old HW8. Replaced dead TR relay timing
electrolytic and a couple of switching diodes and fired it up on 20. First
rattle out of the barrel came K5SV in Orlando, whose s-line gear was
unmistakable from it's great keying. He was a solid nine, and he gave me (with
my ground-mounted vertical on 20) a 5. We were both using ancient bugs, so must
have sounded like a throwback to the '40's. We talked for a solid hour, mostly
about the coincidence that we both run and prize middle-70's lincolns, before
the band shifted and we said our 73's. I might as well have been running a
kilowatt. Guess I'm going to have to try out real QRP and get down in the
milliwatt range. Anybody ever try putting a 555 on the air? With LOTS of
filters, of course :-).


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