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From: Chuck Adams (
Date: Tue Apr 19 1994 - 21:19:05 EDT


I got some good news and I got some bad news.

Good News - received Spring 1994 issue of Hambrew
Bad News - received Spring 1994 issue of Hambrew

Total of 48 pages, counting front and back cover.

Table of Contents

  Letters 4
  Kit Review: OHR WM-1 QRP Wattmeter 7
  An Easy to Build 15 Watt Transmitter 9
  New Products 15
  Brand New MXM Transceiver 16
  Some Tips On VFO Stability by Doug DeMaw 19
  Neophyte Roundup 22
  The W6EMT 10 Meter Receiver 23
  Improved Neophyte Receiver 25
  Using Transistors and ICs by B. Williams 28
  20/20/Hindsight 30
  TwoFer III Salvation Transmitter 32
  Narrow Band Sweep For Signal Generators 38
  Shack Shots 45
  Classified Advertising 46

There wasn't, IMHO, that much exciting in the issue.
The review of the MXM Transceiver, of which I have two,
was complimentary to the rig but not much meat.

On page 45, there are two photographs of W8MVN!!! and
his setup. For those of you who didn't work him, at
least you can see what he looks like. :-)

The 15W transmitter is for 15 meters uses a 74HC240
for an oscillator. Don't know about you guys, but I
just can't see generating square waves for output
to a 7 pole Cheby filter to go to an antenna. It's
just not spectrally within the FCC requirements for
harmonic supression. I'll do the analysis and put
it in the K5FO Newsletter. And the phrase (and I quote)
"The following ten meter circuit values should work,
but there may still be a few bugs to iron out".
Don't think that I'd publish anything like that and
hope that I never have to eat my words if I do. :-)

I have probably wasted too much bandwidth already and
I apologize.

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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