QRP Linear Amp. For Sale


From: Edward Pacyna (epacyna@auratek.com)
Date: Tue Apr 19 1994 - 11:20:34 EDT

I sent the attached message via compuserve this weekend and just received
a message indicating that it was undelivered.

Subject: QRP Linear Amplifier For Sale

20 Watt output, low distortion (class AB1) 1.6 to 30Mhz
linear (SSB/CW) power amplifier kit from Motorola
application note AN-779.

The amplifier provides 28dB (+/- 1 dB) of broad band
power gain (28 dB is a 630X amplification factor). Full
20W ouput will require 30-40 milliwatts of drive. The
basic design uses push pull driver (MRF476 type) and
ouput stages (type MRF475 type) and has 50 ohm
input / output..

Typical applications might be:

1. Power amp for popular QRP rigs. For example,
increasing a 1W radio to 20W will increase your signal
by 13dB (little over 2 S units).

2. Add to low power exciter such as the T1 SSB/CW
design published in QST by Rick Campbell.

The kit includes all new, high quality parts and a
double sided PCB as shown in the application note.
The price is $95 as a kit or I will assemble and test
the board for $135.

You provide enclose, 12V power and low pass band

I can also provide the following:

12 volt T/R relay for $5, 5 element filter(s) for any
band(s) of interest (includes 3 SM capacitors, 2 toroids
magnetic wire, design info, ceramic stand-offs for point
to point construction) at $5 per band, and a multipole
6+ position ceramic band swithch for $7.

This is not a commercial offering and only one kit is

Replys should be sent to the above email account or

de, Ed W1AAZ

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