QRP kit question


From: SYJERRY@duq3.cc.duq.edu
Date: Tue Apr 19 1994 - 02:15:57 EDT

I am interested in getting into QRP, I have read reviews, etc from
this mailing list and have a few questions I hope you folks can answer.

If I only have one band to choose, which band should I get, 40 meter ?
I currently have 5wpm only, but have already passed Element 3B and 4A
and working on 13wpm.

Also, what is involved in building a kit ? do I need to have equipment
for alignment and testing ? or all I have to do is solder all the parts
to the PCB ? I have a EE background, done kit assembly before, but non
in analog electronics, I have no oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer,
freq counter etc to use to test the assembled kit.

besides the QRP kit, what else do I need to have a complete system ?
I suppose an antenna, electronic keyer (?), paddle, what else ?
I read Jeff Gold's article in a New Ham Companion and he mentioned
a homebrew helical type antenna, Jeff, do you have the instructions
on how to build one of those ?

I am currently on budget and hope not to exceed $100 for the complete
rig. Is this a realistic number ? if not, how much should I expect to
spend ?

Jerry N3RKD

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