TTARS expedition


From: Duane P Mantick (
Date: Mon Apr 18 1994 - 21:45:00 EDT

Hey guys - next time you want to try this, let me make a suggestion.

Drive over to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and drive up to
the Forney Ridge Parking area on Clingman's Dome. C.D. itself is the
highest point in the park, and the second highest mountain in the eastern
US. The summit is something like 6643 feet, with the parking area
maybe around 6400 or thereabouts.

Primarily, the parking area faces south and southeast if memory
serves correctly, but on the longer wavelengths it may not matter
too much.

If you are gutsy, you can cart your battery operated stuff up to the
summit and run from there.

I've been up there even during rotten band conditions (on 10 meters, for
example, last August) and been able to work into South America on
my HR2510 (seems to peak about 10 watts for SSB work).

If you catch the band right, you can kick butt from up there, even on
*2* meters.

There are campgrounds in the area so if you like camping while in the process
of your QRP work, you can do it there.

With even mediocre band conditions, you ought to be able to work just
about everywhere from that site on SOME band or another. A 6000+ foot
tower under you can really make a difference! :-)


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